OPCAB Masterclass


Medtronic OPCAB Masterclass Chairman:
David Taggart, MD (United Kingdom), John Puskas, MD (United States)

Medtronic OPCAB Masterclass Japan Course Directors:
Hitoshi Yaku, MD, Shuichiro Takanashi, MD, Hirokuni Arai, MD, Hiroshi Niinami, MD, Taichi Sakaguchi, MD, and Toshihiro Fukui, MD

Thursday, 18th February 2021

17:50 Welcome Address

Welcome from OPCAB Masterclass David Taggart, MD & John Puskas, MD
Welcome from Japan Course Hirokuni Arai, MD

17:55 Global Overview of OPCAB: Background and Rationale

Moderator Hitoshi Yaku, MD
Evidence from the World: OPCAB 2021 David Taggart, MD

18:10 Japanese Overview of OPCAB

Moderators John Puskas, MD & David Taggart, MD
Japanese OPCAB Development and Experience Hirokuni Arai, MD
Comment  David Taggart, MD & John Puskas, MD

18:40 My techniques: Graft Selection

Moderators  John Puskas, MD & Hirokuni Arai, MD
Evidence of Total Arterial Revascularization David Taggart, MD

5 Live-in-box presentations

My Technique 1:
Composite Graft Toshihiro Fukui, MD
My Technique 2:
LITA Sequential Graft Hitoshi Yaku, MD
My Technique 3:
GEA Sequential Graft Hiroshi Niinami, MD
My Technique 4:
Endarterectomy  Shuichiro Takanashi, MD
My Technique 5:
Composite Grafting in MICS Taichi Sakaguchi, MD

19:50 End of the Day

Friday, 19th February 2021

17:50 Basic Principles and Techniques of OPCAB

Moderators David Taggart, MD & Toshihiro Fukui, MD
Keynote Lecture John Puskas, MD
Keynote Lecture Hiroshi Niinami, MD

18:30 OPCAB the trainee perspective: Question and Discussion from Challengers' Live Demonstrations Finalist

Moderators John Puskas, MD, David Taggart, MD & Hitoshi Yaku, MD

Challengers Live Demonstrations Finalist
Yuya Kobayashi, MD ; IMS Tokyo Katsushika General Hospital
Naoki Tadokoro, MD ; National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
Toshihiko Nishi, MD ; Kainan Hospital
Kunihiko Yoshino, MD ; St. Luke's International Hospital

19:00 Case Discussion: Difficult cases and how I saved the day

Moderators Shuichiro Takanashi, MD & Hirokuni Arai, MD
Panelists All Faculty

Case and Discussion 1 Taichi Sakaguchi, MD

Case and Discussion 2 Toshihiro Fukui, MD

Case and Discussion 3 Satoshi Numata, MD

Overall Discussion

19:50 Closing Remarks

Hitoshi Yaku, MD, John Puskas, MD, & David Taggart, MD